Remembrance Place

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Remembrance Place

Year: 2023-24
services: Website build


The project entails the development of a landing page for Remembrance, a startup company dedicated to commemorating the lives of departed loved ones, including pets. This landing page, built on the Framer platform, serves as the initial digital presence for Remembrance, encapsulating the essence of its mission and vision. It provides a platform for individuals to honor their loved ones' memories and legacies in a meaningful and beautiful manner.


Mary Murphy of Cironedesign - Copy/Project Lead


As a startup company, Remembrance faced various challenges in creating its landing page. Firstly, the landing page needed to effectively communicate the core values of the company and establish its brand identity. Secondly, ensuring that the design was user-friendly and intuitive was crucial, especially considering the sensitive nature of individuals navigating through grief. Additionally, accommodating the diverse needs of users commemorating both human and animal companions posed a unique challenge. Lastly, integrating functionality and design seamlessly within the constraints of the Framer platform required careful consideration and strategic planning.


To address these challenges, a series of design solutions were implemented. Collaboration with Remembrance played a pivotal role in ensuring that the landing page authentically reflected the startup's mission and vision. Simplifying navigation and ensuring clarity throughout the design process were paramount in enhancing the user experience. Customizable features were developed to allow users to personalize tributes to their loved ones, whether human or pet. Leveraging the capabilities of the Framer platform, interactive elements and visually engaging content were created to evoke feelings of warmth and remembrance.


The landing page marks a strong start for Remembrance, effectively establishing its brand identity and providing valuable support for users navigating through grief. Positive feedback highlights the intuitive navigation and customizable features, driving increased engagement as users find comfort in creating tributes to their loved ones. The successful integration of functionality and design within the Framer platform underscores its versatility and sets a promising foundation for future growth.