Chris Tobar Rodriguez

Chris Rodriguez, also known as Tobar, is a talented artist and designer based in Austin, Texas. He is the creative director of a small creative studio and an art curator. Tobar has over a decade of experience in the design field, and he is known for pushing the boundaries of design. He creates eye-catching branding for his clients and collaborates with top artists for prestigious exhibitions.

Tobar's work is characterized by its bold use of color, typography, and imagery. He is not afraid to experiment with new techniques and styles, and his work is always fresh and innovative. Tobar is also a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the arts, and he is committed to using his platform to promote the work of underrepresented artists.

He has also served as the creative director for _OFCOLOR, where he has curated events such as BLACK ART WKND and LATINO ART WKND. Tobar's notable projects include collaborations on the curation and branding of SXSW BLACK FUTURE HOUSE, and "I FEEL LIKE YE," an unforgettable music and art experience. Tobar's work has had a lasting impact on the art and creative industries.



Night of the Living Exposure @ The Culture Mart

Caffeine for the Artistic Soul @ Full Sail

Graffiti Conference 1 @ Black Box Orlando

B-side Artists Exhibition 1 @ City Arts Factory


Graffiti Conference 2 @ Black Box Orlando

B-side Artists Exhibition 2 @ City Arts Factory

Urban art show @ Common Gallery

Inprogress Release @ Redefine Art Gallery

Solo Show @ The Blackbox

The Beatles Tribute @ Redefine Art Gallery

Skateboard and Sticker Trading Party @ Redefine Art Gallery


Graffiti Conference 3

@ Black Box Orlando

B-side Artists Exhibition 3

@ City Arts Factory

Common Gallery Urban art show

My Uzi weighs a ton Group Show

@Neon Forest

Seed the Forest Group Show

@Neon Forest

US President Group Show

@ Mother Falcon

Realm 54 Grand Opening

@ Realm 54

The Beginning B-Side artists


Bandwagon Roadshow

Something Worth Going Too

Group Show

@ Redefine Art Gallery

Mechanized Underground

Group Show

@ Baldwin Park

Star Wars

@ Mother Falcon


G40 Exhbit Group Show

@ Artwhino (DC)

Stick em’ Up Group Show

@ Bohdi Tree

The Muppet Show Group Show

@ Avalon Gallery

Dreamers and Doers Group Show

@ Taste Gallery

Man in the Mask Solo Show

@ Per Populus Gallery (Chicago)

B-side Artists Exhibition 4

@ City Arts Factory

More Than Sunshine Group Show

@ Twelev21 Art gallery


Miami Art Basel Mural

@ Artwhino

Unmasked Solo Show

@ Tweleve21 Art Gallery

B-side Artists Exhibition 5

@ City Arts Factory

G40 Exhbit Group Show

@ Artwhino (Richmond)


Native (Solo Show)

@ XL Gallery