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Year: 2019-23
Role: Creative director and Curator


Welcome to OFCOLOR, where creativity knows no bounds and inclusivity reigns supreme. Founded by Steven and Rudi, OFCOLOR has been dedicated to cultivating a vibrant community of creatives and providing inclusive spaces for artists of color to flourish. As the Creative Director and Curator, I've devoted myself to furthering this mission, ensuring that every aspect of our initiatives reflects our commitment to diversity and creativity.

OFCOLOR is a pioneering initiative that emphasizes the significance of representation in the arts and harnesses the power of creativity to ignite change. Since its inception in 2019, OFCOLOR has served as a love letter to the BIPOC community in Austin, aiming to elevate the perception of BIPOC art events through smart, intentional design.


  • Cultivate a Vibrant Community: Build a supportive and inclusive community for creatives, particularly artists of color, to thrive.

  • Enhance Representation: Ensure diverse cultural representation in the arts, spotlighting the richness and diversity of Black culture through initiatives like Black Art WKND and Latino Art WKND.

  • Foster Creativity and Inclusivity: Create spaces where artists feel valued and empowered to express themselves freely.

  • Drive Cultural Exchange: Promote dialogue and cultural exchange through art, encouraging understanding and appreciation among different communities.

  • Impactful Design: Utilize thoughtful and intentional design to elevate the standard of BIPOC art events in Austin.

Key Initiatives

  • Black Art WKND: A celebration of Black creativity, co-created to showcase the richness and diversity of Black culture. This event includes art exhibitions, workshops, performances, and panel discussions, all aimed at highlighting Black artists and their contributions to the arts.

  • Latino Art WKND: A similar initiative to Black Art WKND, but focused on celebrating Latino creativity and culture. This event features art exhibitions, cultural performances, and interactive workshops.

  • Black in Tech: An initiative that bridges the gap between creativity and technology, highlighting the contributions of Black professionals in the tech industry. This includes panel discussions, networking events, and tech showcases.

  • RITUALS: An art showcase and dance party celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander artists in Austin, hosted by _OFCOLOR and Nina Ho. RITUALS highlights the symbolic acts that allow individuals and communities to cleanse, release, and celebrate.

  • NOIR BRUNCH: A social event that combines art, food, and networking, providing a relaxed atmosphere for artists and supporters to connect and engage in meaningful conversations about art and culture.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Creative Director and Curator: As the Creative Director, I've led the charge in shaping the brand identity of _OFCOLOR. From crafting a cohesive logo to defining our overall identity, every decision has been guided by our commitment to inclusivity and creativity.

  • Event Planning and Execution: Oversee the planning and execution of key initiatives like Black Art WKND, Latino Art WKND, Black in Tech, RITUALS, and NOIR BRUNCH, ensuring they align with our mission and objectives.

  • Community Building: Foster a vibrant community of artists and supporters, encouraging collaboration and cultural exchange.

  • Strategic Vision: Drive the strategic vision of _OFCOLOR, leveraging smart design with intention to create impactful and meaningful experiences for the BIPOC community in Austin.

Impact and Legacy

_OFCOLOR has made significant strides in elevating the perception of BIPOC art events in Austin. Through intentional and thoughtful design, we've been able to create spaces where artists feel valued and empowered. Our initiatives have fostered dialogue, driven cultural exchange, and created a lasting impact on the community.

This project has been a labor of love, and I'm proud of the work we've accomplished together with our talented artists and supporters. _OFCOLOR is more than just an art initiative; it's a movement that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the transformative power of art.