Black Future House 2024

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Black Future house 2024

Year: 2024
services: creative direction, Web Build, POP


  • Dulari Gandhi - Project Manager

  • Chris Tobar - Art Director

  • Victor Abijaoudi - Creative Director

  • DM - Design Consultant

  • Sethery - Designer

  • Dominique Merrell - Designer

  • Tyra Bryant - Copywritter


Invited back for the second year, Black Future House—a community in Austin fostering collaboration and creativity among Black futurists—sought a vibrant brand identity reflective of its innovative spirit. Our task was to design and creatively direct the project, addressing gaps from the previous year and creating new assets, including signage for brand awareness and additional video content. This year, Black Future House partnered with Black Ambition Prize, launching the Future Good Market.



The project presented several challenges, including the need to rebrand the logo and create new colors from year one to maintain continuity while refreshing the brand's identity. Collaborating with partners to build panels and conversations through their businesses required careful coordination to ensure alignment with Black Future House's vision. Integrating the Future Good Market seamlessly with the existing brand identity posed a challenge, as did managing and updating


To address these challenges, we collaborated closely with Black Future House and creative team at Preacher to develop a cohesive brand identity for the BFH as a whole. Expanding on last year's logo, we incorporated new typefaces, monograms, and color sets to modernize and refresh the brand. Our team designed and managed, ensuring it served as the central hub for information, updates, speakers, shopping, and ticket sales. We also undertook the creation and deployment of signage materials throughout the venue, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.


Video graphics where used during Opening acts, Intermission, Video display for Future Goods Market


Despite being a relatively new brand, Black Future House has already garnered the impression of having been established for much longer, thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received throughout the weekend. Attendees consistently praised how our branding contributed to the event's success.