Black Future House 2023

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Black future house 2023

Year: 2023
services: Branding, Event Experience Design, Digital Presence, Engagement Initiatives, Merchandise


Black Future House, an Austin-based community dedicated to cultivating collaboration, creativity, and inclusivity for Black futurists, sought a dynamic brand identity that reflects its innovative and inclusive spirit. The brand should be modern, creative, and visually appealing, resonating with the diverse community of Black futurists. Launched at SXSW 23.


To fulfill Black Future House's aspirations, we embarked on a comprehensive branding journey, meticulously crafting a cohesive visual identity that embodies the essence of the community. Key elements of this identity include:

Modern Logo: Designed a visually striking and memorable logo that encapsulates Black Future House's forward-thinking approach and commitment to progress.

Vibrant Colors: Incorporated a vibrant color palette that exudes energy, optimism, and a sense of belonging, reflecting the community's dynamic spirit.

Custom Illustrations: Created a series of custom illustrations that capture the essence of Black Future House's values, showcasing the creativity and innovation that drive the community. Along with Icons and Patterns.

Afrofuturism Integration: Infused elements of Afrofuturism into the design, celebrating Black culture and heritage while simultaneously embracing the limitless possibilities of the future.

My North Star

It was super important to me to bring this letter to life. It the was the manifest of keeping everything together. It was my glue building a brand experience.

Logo Renders & Tone

Crafting an impactful logo requires a meticulous process of exploration and refinement. Each typeface logo undergoes a series of carefully considered iterations before arriving at the final design. The logo's essence must exude boldness and strength, standing out on its own merits. To achieve this clarity, I begin by designing all logos in black and white before introducing color palettes.

Final logo & Icons

Patterns and Textures

Digital Presence

Announcement graphics

Social Campaign

The importance of a strong organic social media campaign and presence cannot be overstated. Events and businesses often rely heavily on showcasing sponsor logos and promoting individuals on their social media platforms; however, this approach may not resonate with their target audience on a deeper level.

Harnessing the power of storytelling on social media is a crucial step in building an identity that connects with both new and existing audiences. By sharing captivating narratives, behind-the-scenes insights, and authentic interactions, events and businesses can establish a meaningful connection with their followers, transforming them from mere viewers into invested participants.


Through a comprehensive approach, we provided Black Future House with a suite of branding services that encompass:

Branding: Developed a modern and creative logo, established comprehensive brand guidelines for consistent application across all platforms.

Event Experience Design: Crafted futuristic stage designs and lighting, implemented seamless wayfinding design aligned with the brand identity.

Digital Presence: Created engaging social media graphics and strategically deployed content to enhance the brand's online presence. Developed and maintained a user-friendly website that effectively communicates the brand's message and values.

Engagement Initiatives: Formulated creative strategies to foster community engagement, orchestrated collaborative events and interactive installations that amplify the brand's impact.

Merchandise: Designed and produced branded merchandise that reflects the brand's aesthetic and serves as a tangible representation of community pride.


Our collaborative efforts resulted in the successful establishment of a robust brand identity for Black Future House, fostering a sense of trust and community while positioning them as a leading force in shaping the future for Black futurists. The visual identity, deeply rooted in Afrofuturism, not only embodies modernity and creativity but also honors the rich cultural heritage of the community, leaving a lasting and impactful impression. The brand now serves as a unifying symbol, inspiring Black futurists to embrace their potential and shape a brighter future.