Art Galleries at Black Studies

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Art Galleries at Black Studies

Year: 2022
services: Website build


The project aims to redesign and migrate the Art Galleries at Black Studies (AGBS) website, serving as the primary information hub for the Christian-Green Gallery and The Idea Lab at the University of Texas. This redesign intends to enhance visibility, mission, and vision while catering to diverse audiences interested in exhibitions, events, and educational initiatives.


The previous site's challenges included user navigation difficulties, slow load times, and complex backend management. Users encountered hurdles navigating effectively and experienced delays due to slow loading. Moreover, cumbersome upload processes and maintenance issues were hard to train staff on. These factors contributed to low attendance as navigating the old site was challenging.


To tackle these issues, the website was migrated to Squarespace, known for its user-friendly interface. Enhanced navigation, faster load times, and streamlined backend management were prioritized. Accessibility features were also integrated to ensure inclusivity.

  • Squarespace Migration: Seamlessly transitioning the website to Squarespace, renowned for its user-friendly interface and superior performance, has revolutionized our client's online presence.

  • Enhanced Navigation and Design: The new design not only boasts intuitive navigation but has also captivated visitors, resulting in a significant uptick in engagement with curated content and gallery offerings.

  • Increased Engagement: By providing visitors with a seamless browsing experience and easy access to captivating visuals and insightful information, we've witnessed a notable increase in visitor engagement.

  • Video Training Modules: To further empower our client's team and ensure sustained success, we developed customized video tutorials, enabling staff to effortlessly manage the site's backend and foster continued growth in engagement and interaction.

This strategic overhaul has not only elevated the website's aesthetics and functionality but has also positioned our client as a dynamic and engaging hub within the art community.


Following the redesign, engagement with curated content and gallery offerings significantly increased. Attendance at events and exhibitions improved, and backend management became more efficient. Positive feedback from visitors highlighted the improved user experience, indicating the project's success in achieving its objectives.